Pakistani Christian Father Murdered, Another Christian Family Beaten by Mob After Daughter Refused to Marry Muslim

A watchdog group has documented severe instances of violence against Christians in Pakistan, including the murder of a father and the beating of a family by a Muslim mob this month.

According to International Christian Concern, one Christian father was murdered on Aug. 2 in Lahore on his wedding anniversary for daring to ask one of his Muslim friends to pay him back the money he had loaned to him.

Advocate Tariq Zia explained that the Christian, Vicky Masih, was threatened by the Muslim man, Muhammad Ilyas, who called him a “choora” (a derogatory term used against Christians that denotes them as dirty and untouchable) and said he will be “teaching him a lesson.”

“Within no time, the party turned into an exchanging of harsh words, a physical clash, and ended with Vicky’s murder,” Zia said.

Masih, a father of three, was reportedly shot in the stomach and later died in hospital.

Sixteen days later, another Christian family, headed by father Alvin John, was beaten for refusing to allow their 19-year-old daughter to be forced into marriage to a Muslim man.

“I shifted my family to this rented house about 10 months ago,” John told ICC. “At first, we were asked to leave by some Muslim neighbors because of our Christian faith. But since Easter, we have been pressurized, threatened, and teased.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov