Michael W. Smith to Spearhead Large Concert in Nashville Which He Believes Will be the Start to the Next Great Awakening

Legendary Christian artist Michael W. Smith is spearheading a massive concert in Nashville, Tennessee, which he believes will be the beginning of the next great awakening throughout the U.S. and the world.

Smith has partnered with the No.1 Christian network in the world, TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) to present the free worship event at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Aug. 30. Called “Surrounded: A Night to Pray, Worship and Be Awakened,” the concert was inspired by his album, Surrounded, which came from a warning he received from God to unite and stand up against the injustices of the world.

“It all started with the Surrounded record, the worship record that I did. I just felt like, it has a lot to do with unity, honestly. It has a lot to do with justice,” Smith told The Christian Post earlier this month.

He referenced the Amos 5 in the Bible where God corrects His children despite their worship to Him.

“He (God) says ‘I’m tired of your sacrifices and I’m tired of your music.’ That really got my attention. He said, ‘Turn it off. I can’t stand it.’ He said, ‘You know what I’m looking for? I’m looking for justice to roll like a waterfall.’ And it rocked my world,” Smith revealed.

That Bible chapter forced the legendary worship leader to diversify his music and sound.

“We had African Americans, we had Asian, Hispanics, we sang in Spanish. We just really felt like that’s what we were supposed to do,” Smith continued. “After that, I started getting dreams and visions. [I believe] this needs to happen in Nashville.”

The concert will feature many of Smith’s friends in music and ministry and will center around prayer and worship. He hopes all denominational, ethnic, racial, and generational lines can be crossed for a real night of unity in the heart of Tennessee.

The award-winning singer recalled hearing many prophetic words over the years about Nashville and he believes the Lord is getting ready to do something major in the music city.

“Other than Jerusalem, I think there’s something very strategic about Nashville. There’s a prophetic word that was [spoken] years ago, I actually knew this guy, he’s now in Heaven and he prophesied, ‘There will be a shout heard all around the world and that shout came out of Nashville, Tennessee,'” Smith explained.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law