WATCH: Young Iraqi Girl’s Decision to Forgive ISIS is a Lesson for All of Us

Incredible stories of forgiveness hold the intrinsic power to inspire and encourage. One such story about a little girl named Myriam and her willingness to forgive ISIS militants who had deeply affected her life proves just how much of an impact simple acts of forgiveness can have on the masses.

SAT-7, a Christian ministry that provides faith-based satellite programming throughout the Middle East and North Africa, captured Myriam’s incredible story on the SAT-7 KIDS show “Why Is That?” back in 2014. The aftereffects of that interview were monumental.

The little girl, who was forced to flee her home in Qaraqosh, Iraq, alongside her family, stunned millions of people around the world when she offered forgiveness to the ISIS militants who had permanently disrupted her life. Then, she sang a hymn about Jesus that further captured hearts.

As Myriam sat in a refugee camp, a SAT-7 TV host asked her about her feelings on ISIS. She responded, “I wouldn’t do anything to them, I only ask God to forgive them.” Then, when asked if she had truly forgiven the militants who caused her family to flee, the little girl affirmed: “Yes.”

The clip immediately went viral, spreading across the globe and showing the true power of forgiveness. And that’s just one of the many stories that SAT-7 staff have seen touch lives as they work to bring the gospel into much needed areas in the Middle East and North Africa.

“It was amazing … [Myriam] sang at the end of it,” Dr. Rex M. Rogers, president of SAT-7 North America, recently told’s “Pure Talk.” “It’s a tear-moving, tear-producing kind of flick.”

Watch Rodgers discuss the incredibly touching video below:

The outlet’s Myriam clip inspired millions around the world, but it also shed light on the network’s goal to bring the life-transforming gospel into difficult areas where people don’t generally get to hear it. This happens via original programs translated into Arabic, Farsi and Turkish.

Dennis Wines, vice-president for ministry partnerships at SAT-7, went on to explain that the organization’s mission is to “encourage, empower and strengthen the church across the Middle East.”

The use of satellite technology helps SAT-7 navigate the complexities of spreading faith in difficult social and political terrain.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Billy Hallowell