There’s a Devil Loose: Pennsylvania Man Kills Wife and Mother of 2 With Axe, Then Stabs Himself to Death

Valerie and Daniel Arangio (Facebook)
Valerie and Daniel Arangio (Facebook)

A Pennsylvania man took the ’till death do us part’ of his marriage vows way too seriously after allegedly killing his wife and then himself in a case of murder-suicide.

Cops in Luzerne County, Pa., say 58-year-old Daniel Arangio struck his wife, Valerie, 47, in the head with an axe, killing her, before offing himself with a self-inflicted stab wound, over the weekend.

On Sunday, cops say they discovered the bodies of the couple at their Exeter Township home on Sunday. Valerie’s corpse was found in a bedroom while Daniel’s body was found in a bathroom.

Police believe the deaths occurred sometime on Saturday and Sunday.

Neighbours told news outlet WNEP they were shocked by the news of the apparent murder-suicide. WNEP reported no one knew the Arangios well as they kept to themselves.

“It’s always nice and quiet up here,” said neighbour Ross Webb. No one bugs you. I hear of accidents up here on the news, but not murders or anything like that.”

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SOURCE: Postmedia News