Oregon Community Raises $15,000 for Father Who Was Arrested for Punching Youth Pastor Who Videotaped Nude Girls

Kevin Patrick Smith (L) says he punched Donald Courtney Biggs (R) during a sentencing hearing in federal court in Medford, Oregon, on August 22, 2018.

An Oregon community and people online are raising money for a “hero” father who was arrested for punching a former youth pastor in court.

Kevin Patrick Smith was arrested last week at a federal courthouse in Medford, Oregon, for charging and punching former Mountain Christian Fellowship youth pastor Donald Courtney Biggs.

Biggs had pleaded guilty to one count of transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity with a minor, and had admitted to recording girls and women when they were changing their clothes at his home during youth trips.

A news release by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Oregon noted that the victims were captured in the nude as they were using the toilet, changing clothes, and showering. The former youth pastor also concealed cameras in bathrooms on church retreats to Huntington Beach and Lake Shasta, California.

Two of Smith’s female relatives were apparently Biggs’ victims. What is more, Smith’s family had been members of Biggs’ church, where he served for 10 years.

Smith told CNN that he did not enjoy Biggs being described as “kind” in the courthouse.

“At that point, I just kind of snapped,” the father explained. “I charged across the courtroom. He was sitting behind a desk. I leaped over the desk and got a punch in on his face.”

Jacob Elkin, another relative of the victims in the courtroom, said that Smith “was like a bolt of lightning just like Superman.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov