WATCH: Pastor Robert Jeffress Slammed for Comparing ‘Great’ President Trump to Sen. John McCain On Fox News

Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas and a prominent Trump supporter, went on Fox & Friends Sunday to offer his thoughts on the passing of Sen. John McCain. But, in so doing, her compared President Trump favorably to the late senator, and made a lot of people furious in the process.

Jeffress began by saying, “I think John McCain was able to look back on his life with a few regrets, but also with the knowledge that he had served his country, that he had served his family well. And that’s how you want to end your life. With few regrets.”

Then, he brought up President Trump, saying that “both are men of conviction” and “we shouldn’t condemn either one for standing up for their convictions.”

He went so far as to suggest that Trump is making sacrifices for the country on the level of John McCain’s. McCain was captured during the Vietnam War and spent over five years being tortured, beaten, and starved. Trump infamously got out of serving in the very same war because of bone spurs. But that didn’t stop Pastor Jeffress from putting the two men on equal pedestals. He said, “Our great president, President Trump, and every president who went before him as well, makes sacrifices as well serving this country.”

He also told the Fox hosts, “The Bible says we ought to honor our leaders, we ought to pray for them, and we ought to emulate their examples where appropriate.”

Understandably, many people were not happy with Jeffress’s remarks. Here’s a sampling of the reaction from people who watched the segment:

Pamela Ruffalo (@ruffalo_pamela) said, “I cannot believe Fox News had a Pastor compare John McCain to Donald Trump today. Please show respect for the passing of John McCain and give him the honor he deserves without making this all about Donald Trump.”

John Hossack (@Hozman55) wrote, “There are two points the ‘pastor’ points out. 1. John McCain was a man of conviction and 2. Trump will soon be convicted.”

Eileen Hager (@emhager4) responded, “That is an out and out lie! From a pastor! Trump is a stain, a liar, a cheat, a rapist, a racist and a traitor! None of those words can be said about John McCain!”

Another user (@Tsabbat) remarked, “When a pastor lifts up a man who said John McCain’s no hero because he was caught (yet that same man deferred from the same war due to bone spurs and said him avoiding STDs was his own Vietnam), that’s pretty sick.”

Frank White (@frankwm) wrote, “You are delusional. There are no parallels between @SenJohnMcCain and @realDonaldTrump.”

You can read more of the reactions on Twitter here. Be warned: some are rather colorful.

–Joshua James