Christians in China ‘Outraged and Helpless’ After Communist Authorities Write ‘Socialism’s Core Values’ on Church Building, Ban Children from Attending Worship Services

Clergy arrive for the funeral of the late head of the underground Catholic Church in Shanghai, Bishop Joseph Fan Zhongliang, as he lies in a funeral home in Shanghai on March 22, 2014. Thousands of mourners packed the funeral home to bid farewell to the “underground” Catholic Bishop whose faith, they said, led him to endure decades of suffering at the hands of China’s ruling Communist Party. AFP PHOTO/Peter PARKS (Photo credit should read PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images)

Christians in Shanghai, China, are “outraged and helpless” after Communist authorities wrote “Socialism’s Core Values” on a church building.

ChinaAid, which monitors the persecution of believers in China, reported that the government continues imposing Chinese ideology on religion in the country. The message “Socialism’s Core Values” was apparently written on an ancillary building of Xuanqiao Jesus Church, which is fooling pedestrians into thinking that the church is a government office.

On Tuesday, several churches, including some in Hebi, Henan and Luoyang were forced to take down their Christian crosses and replace them with the national flag.

In other instances, all churches in Xinyu County, Jiangxi, have been told they must display pictures of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese flag, and posters of socialist values.

The crackdown, which for years has included the demolition of churches and taking down of rooftop crosses, is also seeing children being banned from attending worship services. Xinyu County area believers have apparently been told by officials that should youngsters attend the services, the welfare of low-income residents could be cut off.

This has forced more than 40 churches in Shangrao, another area of Jiangxi, to hang a slogan reading, “Non-locals are prohibited from preaching; no underage people allowed in church.”

Beside these measures, the government regulations calling for “Sinicization,” or “religion with Chinese characteristics” are also leading to further raids on underground churches during services.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov