WATCH: From Coolio to Tim Tebow: How the Bible Has Influenced and Impacted Pop Culture

How much does the Bible influence pop culture and modern-day life? Some people might be shocked to discover the sweeping influence that Scripture has on film, TV, music, Broadway, and even our daily sayings and proclamations. A trip to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., offers some insight into the Bible’s unparalleled influence.

Ilena Madraso, content manager at the Museum of the Bible, recently told’s “Pure Talk” that it is “kind of surprising” to see references to Scripture deeply embedded in our modern culture.

“The Bible has had such a large influence on so much of the world,” Madraso said.

She explained that the museum’s “Bible in the World” exhibit offers a lens into the widespread influence, with the exhibit promising to “give guests an unprecedented look at the Bible’s impact on culture worldwide.”

Watch Madraso explain the fascinating ways the Bible is impacting culture:

Madraso said that the exhibit sheds light on the Bible’s influence on literature, art, stage, and screen, with some surprising elements that show where Scripture references are hidden in plain sight.

“You wouldn’t think it was the Bible, and then it hits you,” she said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Billy Hallowell