9 Years Later, Evidence Revealed in Brutal Murder and Mutilation of Oklahoma Pastor Carol Daniels

Carol Daniels
Carol Daniels

ANADARKO, Oklahoma – It is a small town mystery that has gripped the state — a dedicated pastor’s mutilated body found in the sanctuary of her church.

In 2009, the Christ Holy Sanctified Church, an old building, nestled among homeless camps, on a rundown block of Anadarko, seemed like the perfect place for Reverend Carol Daniels to minister to lost souls.

The church no longer had a congregation, and yet Reverend Daniels still made the sixty mile drive from her home in Oklahoma City, every Sunday, eager to serve, and hopefully save..

“She was a very sweet lady,” said Retired Bishop Silkey Wilson Jr. He and his wife were the first to arrive at the church on August 23, 2009.

“We banged on the door,” Wilson explained.

The couple had noticed Daniels’ car parked in front of the church — and it had been for a couple of hours.

“I tapped on the door with my cane,” Wlison recalled the events, “We couldn’t get no attention, nobody would come to the door.”

After discovering that something wasn’t quite right, the parishioners did not have far to go to report their concerns to law enforcement.

The Anadarko Police Department was just down the street, only a block away.

Officer Ashley Burrus arrived to the church and looked in through an open side door. Horrified by the discovery, Burrus immediately called for backup

“The inflection in his voice, I could tell that he needed another officer down there pretty quickly… so, I knew something was wrong,” said Detective James Howard.

He rushed to the church, and to this day, is haunted by the sight of Pastor Carol Daniels’ brutalized body behind the pulpit.

“In your mind, you think, how could anybody do this to another person much less someone who is down there serving God,” said Howard.

According to the autopsy report, Daniels had been stabbed multiple times, her head nearly severed, her hair set on fire.

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