John MacArthur’s Master’s University and Seminary Put on Probation by Leading Accrediting Agency

The Master’s University and Seminary in Santa Clarita, California, headed by Pastor John MacArthur, has been placed on probation by one of the region’s leading educational accrediting agencies.

Last month, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ Senior College and University Commission sent notice to the university that it’s been placed on probation months after the commission’s release of a lengthy report, citing several concerns with the school’s personnel and management practices.

Among the commission’s concerns are the lack qualifications for staff members in university leadership positions, questionable independence of the TMUS board of trustees, operational integrity and a “climate of fear, intimidation, bullying” among faculty and staff.

The concerns were raised following a visit by members of the commission to the 110-acre campus in the Placerita Canyon in March. Under the terms of the probation, the school will continue to maintain its accreditation but will have less than two years to remedy the concerns.

In a statement, the TMUS board of directors stated that it they are proactively working to “resolve every area of concern.”

“TMUS is endeavoring to have the probationary status removed as soon as possible,” the statement reads.

Considering that the university is associated with the MacArthur-pastored Grace Community Church, the commission expressed concern with the fact that MacArthur and a number of cabinet-level leaders are “also on staff at GCC” while several staff members also attend GCC.

“The institution does not meet the WSCUC requirement for governing board independence since many members of the Board are employed by the institution or another organization for which the president has authority,” the July 18 letter to TMUS reads. “According to the WSCUC Governing Board Policy, ‘for an institutional governing board to be considered independent, a majority of its members may not have interests that influence their impartial decision making, create multiple and potentially conflicting relationships, or result in competing loyalties.’ Board members cannot independently evaluate a Chief Executive Officer to whom they report.”

As TMUS is far from the only church-associated college accredited by a major agency, Dean of Faculty Kevin Hill told The Christian Post that the school’s board of directors is looking for a solution that will please the commission.

“I think there are going to be adjustments made so that WASC is comfortable with where we are,” Hill explained. “They are working through all those changes. The report was released before we had a chance to fully address all these issues. This stuff takes time because they are asking for a pretty substantive change and a lot of this stuff we have to research.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith