Drone Footage Shows Amazon Tribe Who Never Had Contact With Outside World

Drone footage has captured a mystery Indian tribe living deep in the Brazilian jungle for the first time.

The incredible video was shot from high above a vast area of dense Amazon rainforest in the far west of northern Brazil.

The images show a group of 16 indigenous people from a tribe which, according to the Brazilian agency for native tribes, Funai, has never had any contact with the outside world.

In a clearing in the forest, the drone filmed a tribesman walking with a bow and arrow, an ancestral long house known as a maloca, and a plantation of what is believed to be manioc.

Other members of the tribe can be seen walking through the jungle near the clearing.

The name or ethnicity of the tribe is unknown as the group has never been seen before and no contact has ever been made, according to Funai.

The agency, which released the footage today, said its experts trekked more than 190 miles into the 53,000-square-mile Vale do Javari Indian reservation on the border with Colombia and Peru, after receiving reports that illegal hunters were threatening tribes.

The three-week expedition last year included travelling 112 miles along rivers before taking to motorbikes then walking for 75 miles through dense jungle.

The group also found items which confirmed of the presence of uncontacted tribes in the region, including an abandoned stone axe tied together with vegetable fibre, a horn made from tree bark and dugout canoes.

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Source: The Sun