Christian Woman in Colombia Reveals How She Forgave Militants Who Killed Her Father and Children

A Catholic faithful participates in the traditional Ash Wednesday service at the 20 de Julio Church in Bogota, Colombia February 10, 2016.

A Christian woman in Colombia has revealed how she not only forgave those who killed her loved ones, but on separate occasions sheltered them and nursed them back to health.

The woman, Pastora Mira Garcia, who in September 2017 was chosen to speak before Pope Francis during his visit to Columbia, revealed in an interview with Aid to the Church in Need last week that she has lost much of her family in the country’s guerrilla war, where close to 900,000 people have died.

“On April 4, 1960, my father, Francisco Mira, was killed by political rivals. I was 4-years-old when his nine children were forced to see his murder. Pushing my mother aside, they shot him and then beheaded him in front of us,” Garcia recalled.

“In 1999, my mother suffered a heart attack and died when militants of one of the country’s warring factions knocked down the neighbors’ front door.”

Later in 2001, the Christian woman heard news that her daughter, Paola, and her 5-year-old granddaughter were kidnapped by militants. Although Garcia’s granddaughter was later released, Paola was murdered. It took the family seven years of searching down fields and mountains to find her body.

Garcia’s 18-year-old son was murdered in 2005 after he was held in captivity for 15 days by an illegal armed group, while her younger brother was seized in a separate incident, and has still not been returned.

Despite so much devastation and suffering in her family, Garcia has not only found it in her heart to forgive, but also to take care of the murderers when she found them on different occasions.

In one such instance, before her mother’s death, she was able to find the man who murdered her father when she went to work in a village.

When she found the man in a house, she described him as a “wreck of a human being.”

“It would have been very easy, given the circumstances in which he lived, to poison his food or use some other method to end his life — but fortunately I had received that message from my mother. I sat crying on the way back and made the decision to frequently visit him, along with some people who visited the sick; to help him heal, to bring him food and clothes. We did so for a long time,” Garcia revealed, referring to a message in which her mother asked her to spare the man’s life.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov