Bishop Roy E. Brown’s Widow Says She is ‘Traumatized’ by Eviction Notice After Being Promised $2.5 Million Home

Paula Scarlett-Brown (R) and the $ 2.5 million home located in Flatbush, Brooklyn, owned by Pilgrim Church.

Paula Scarlett-Brown, the widow of Pilgrim Assemblies International founder Archbishop Roy E. Brown, says she has been “traumatized” by the manner in which she was asked to leave the $2.5 million church-owned house her late husband once promised would be hers.

The widow broke her silence Tuesday for the first time since she was served a 10-day notice on Aug. 15 to vacate the $2.5 million home she shared with her late husband for more than two decades in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The house is owned by Pilgrim Baptist Church.

Speaking in an interview on “Larry Reid Live,” the soft-spoken Scarlett-Brown said while she doesn’t intend to fight the church for the house, she wasn’t happy with the way she was asked to leave via an eviction notice that was placed on the front door of her residence.

“I was shocked, I was disappointed, I was traumatized. I couldn’t believe it. I was like, what is this?” she told Reid about her initial reaction after finding the eviction notice stuck to the front door of the house.

Scarlett-Brown said on Aug. 6, about two months after her husband died, the church requested a meeting but then backed out of it when she appeared with an attorney. The board of Pilgrim Baptist Church then went on to meet on Aug. 12 and no one indicated that they needed her to leave immediately.

She said that prior to the posting of the eviction notice, she had also been attending weekly services at the Brooklyn church led by Pastor De΄Bora Annette Crowe.

“They had plenty of days to share with me [to say] we need you out. … I thought it would have been more compassionate and more humane to take me aside and say, ‘you know what Paula, we need you to move out of the house as soon as you can.’ But it would have been nice to say, ‘stay there as long as you can.’ But I didn’t get either one. I just got a letter in the door,” the widow said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair