Baptist Pastor in Nigeria Killed by Gunmen Who Stormed Church and Kidnapped His Wife

Unknown gunmen have killed a pastor identified as Reverend Hosea Akuchi moments after attacking Nasara Baptist Church.

A Baptist pastor in Nigeria was killed by gunmen who stormed his church and kidnapped his wife just days after a Catholic priest was killed while shopping in a grocery store.

Citing an unnamed source, the Lagos-based independent daily newspaper The Guardian reports that attackers invaded the Nasara Baptist Church in the Igabi local government area of the Kaduna state during the early hours of Monday morning and killed Pastor Hosea Akuchi.

The attackers are said to have stormed the church around 1 a.m. They allegedly proceeded to go into the pastor’s living quarters, where they shot him dead and abducted his wife, Talatu Hosea.

The source claimed that the assailants placed a ransom on the pastor’s wife that is the equivalent of nearly $14,000. However, authorities have denied that a ransom has been requested.

“The abductors said we need to pay them N5 million before they can release her to us,” the source was quoted as saying. “You can imagine that they now have the gut to walk into people’s home, kill and abduct and also have an effrontery to demand for ransom. Where and how can we get that money?”

The source wondered how he and the other Christians have “become prisoners in our own country as law abiding citizens?”

The murder and abduction comes as Nigeria ranks as the 14th-worst country in the world for Christian persecution, according to Open Doors USA’s 2018 World Watch List.

“How can this injustice continue in a country like Nigeria without any serious measures in place to check the activities of these people,” the source asked.

The killings were confirmed by Yakubu Sabo, a spokesperson for the Kaduna state police command.

Sabo told Naija News that that the attackers initially were looking to kidnap Akuchi and that their initial intentions might not have been to kill him. However, the pastor wouldn’t cooperate with the attackers’ demands and was shot instead.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith