CORRECTION: Protesters Spark ‘Riot’ at Pastor Wayne T. Jackson’s Church in Detroit

Wayne T. Jackson
Wayne T. Jackson

A previous version of this story indicated that the reported “riot” took place at another church in Detroit where Wayne T. Jackson was guest preaching and that the protest was sparked by regularly-attending church members.

This was incorrect.

The protest was actually carried out by members of New Era Detroit, which, according to their Facebook page, is “an organization formed to restore black unity in black communities in Detroit,” and it took place at Wayne T. Jackson’s church, Great Faith Ministries International, in Detroit.

We apologize for these errors. The corrected story is below.

–BCNN1 Legal Team

Members of the activist group, “New Era Detroit,” which describes itself as a “community empowerment organization,” disrupted services at Great Faith Ministries International on September 18, 2016. The leader of the New Era Detroit protest, Zeke, claimed that attendees in the predominately black congregation were asked to give an offering of $1,000 each. Great Faith Ministries disputes that charge.

Great Faith Ministries International is pastored by Wayne T. Jackson who also owns a television network. He prayed at President Trump’s inauguration and hosted the then-candidate in his church during the 2016 campaign.

According to Fox 2 News video, after hearing the offering request, New Era Detroit members stood up and began loudly protesting. From the pulpit, Pastor Jackson ordered men in the church to, “Get him out. Get him out.” The protesters were then escorted out by members of the church. Outside the church, a heated argument between what appeared to be about five New Era protesters and more than a dozen local church members continued for several minutes.

One of New Era’s leaders, identified as “Zeke,” spoke to Fox 2 News about the incident. ‘The situation is bigger than Wayne T. Jackson,’ he said. ‘This is about black churches and black pastors who live a lavish life on behalf of the people and they’re not giving back to their community.’

“Zeke” told Fox 2 News that church leaders at GFMI said, ‘If you don’t have a thousand dollars then do three hundred. And if you don’t have cash then we have an ATM machine.’ He continued, ‘This guy has network churches, fancy cars, I mean million dollar houses and there’s babies in this community that are going without food tonight.’

Legal counsel for Great Faith Ministries disputed Zeke’s claims, stating, “Apostle Jackson never asked people at the church for $1,000.00. Similarly, Apostle Jackson did not ask people at the church for $300.00 and he did not ask people to use the ATM machine — the ministry did not and does not have an ATM machine on the premises.”

Does Bishop Jackson believe ‘gain is godliness,’ and is he therefore attracting condemnation from ‘them who are without,’ meaning New Era Detroit? Or is he suffering for righteousness’ sake the slings and arrows of a world that will always be against the man of God? Watch the corresponding videos below.

–Joshua James