There’s a Devil Loose: Mother and Boyfriend Are Charged With Abusing and Murdering Her Five-Year-Old Son Who Died From a Heavy Blow to the Head and Had Shoe Marks on His Body

A Virginia mother and her boyfriend have been charged with the abuse and murder of her five-year-old son who died after a heavy blow to his head.

Jaye Hadley, 32, and her boyfriend Justin Cox, 33, shared text messages with pictures of her son Alexander Levi Robertson with words and obscene shapes written in ink across his forehead and discussed their ‘discipline’ of the boy in the messages. Cox spoke to friends of ‘hating’ him, according to court documents.

Deputies were called to a home in Yellowhammer Road, Isle of Wight County, for an unresponsive child on January 8. Robertson, who had shoe marks on his backside, was taken to hospital and put on life support but died the following week.

A coroner ruled the child had died of a blunt force trauma to the head, which Hadley claimed happened when he fell onto a drywall, reported WTKR.

An unnamed witness said they saw Cox grab him by the waist and throw him on the floor, records say.

Both Hadley and Cox were charged with child abuse and aggravated malicious wounding, but this was upped to murder after his death.

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Source: Daily Mail