Nurse Sues Hospital for Accommodating a Patient Who Didn’t Want a ‘Black B****’ Taking Care of Her

Teoka Williams, an African American nurse has filed a lawsuit against her employer, Beaumont Hospital, claiming that she was discriminated against when the hospital decided to honor a white patient’s request to remove her from their care just because she is Black. She believes her civil rights were violated by the incident.

Williams, who worked as a nurse at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn for 10 years, was very humiliated, embarrassed, and disappointed after an incident in October 2017 where the hospital accommodated a patient’s request to forbid her from taking care of the patient.

According to the lawsuit, Williams has finished checking up on the two patients on her assigned room when she overheard one of the patients saying she didn’t want a “black b—-” taking care of her.

Williams told the clinical manager about what she heard and expected that the decision would be that they won’t accommodate requests based on race. However, Williams was eventually forbidden to enter the room while still being required to give reports when her shift was over.

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Source: Black News