Clenard Childress Says Black Pastors Are Waking Up to the Devastating Effect of Abortion in Their Communities

There is a need for the pro-life voice in the nation’s schools, especially directed toward African Americans.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has released research showing that abortion accounts for 61 percent of the deaths of blacks in this country, far surpassing heart disease and cancer.

Pastor Clenard Childress of the Life Education and Resource Network tells OneNewsNow that more than 20 million blacks have been killed since 1973.

“And those statistics are not ours,” says the pastor. “That’s Alan Guttmacher, which is still the research arm for Planned Parenthood. They are doing the statistics nationally and 52 percent of all African-American pregnancies end in abortion.”

There are multiple reasons for the astounding figures but one stands out to the pastor.

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SOURCE: Charlie Butts