Richard Sherman Rips New NFL Hit Rule on Twitter as ‘Idiotic’; Says NFL ‘Will be Flag Football Soon’

If the NFL preseason has taught us anything thus far, it’s officials have not quite gotten the league’s new helmet rule down. If things continue the way they’re going, players and fans are going to be seriously angered by a majority of the calls, which have the impact to seriously alter the game’s outcome.

There have been way too many examples of bad penalties in just two weeks of preseason action, but the latest glaring example was on Vikings defender Antwione Williams, who was flagged for one of the softest helmet-to-helmet “roughing the passer” calls the NFL has ever seen.

Never one to shy away from giving his opinion, All-Pro corner Richard Sherman aired his grievances about what he thought regarding how the refs are calling these games.

There was never a doubt this ruling would be controversial the minute it was announced, but the thought was only the most obvious of obvious helmet-to-helmet collisions where a defender seriously intended to knock someone’s head clean off his shoulders using his helmet would be called.

But we have seen the most traditional, unavoidable and clean hits flagged more frequently.

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SOURCE: 12up – Joseph Jungermann