Pro-Life Advocates in North Carolina Lead People in Prayer to Fight Abortion

Pro-life advocates pray during a Love Life rally in Charlotte, N.C., on July 27. The Love Life group believes God can end the abortion industry, and they are working with people across the state to make it happen. Photos provided by the Biblical Recorder

A group of pro-life advocates in North Carolina believes God can end the abortion industry, and they are working with people across the state to make it happen.

“We really can do something about it,” said Josh Kappes, director of city development at Love Life, a non-profit that leads people to pray and rally near abortion clinics in three regions of North Carolina. “It’s our modern-day slavery.”

Kappes, who is also pastor of biblical counseling at Vertical Life Church, a Southern Baptist congregation in Newton, networks with pastors and local church leaders, recruiting believers to gather for one-hour prayer journey meetings to explain the ministry of Love Life. The outreach initially focused on Charlotte, but recently expanded to include other areas.

“I want to say to my kids, ‘We did something about it,'” Kappes said in an interview with the Biblical Recorder. “These abortion clinics that close will be monuments to God. You can bring your kids back to show them what God did when the church showed up and prayed.”

Love Life asks pastors to adopt one week during a 40-week emphasis. As part of the commitment, the pastor shares a pro-life message with his congregation and someone from Love Life shares the plan for the week.

Church members are encouraged to pray regularly, with a special emphasis on prayer and fasting on the Wednesday of the focus week. Then, members gather with other believers on Saturday for a worship rally and prayer walk near the abortion clinic.

It was a one-hour prayer journey that opened Kappes’ eyes to the 150 abortions performed each week in Charlotte, which has the largest abortion provider in the Southeast. The prayer journeys introduce pastors to information about Love Life, the local abortion clinic and how a prayer/worship rally works.

He was inspired to become more involved by helping lead their church to participate in sponsoring weeks during the prayer emphasis.

Because of the success of Charlotte’s Love Life efforts, Kappes said the organization is gaining national exposure. More people are sharing stories about what is happening, and the organization has recently expanded to Greensboro and Raleigh.

Love Life founder Justin Reeder’s journey began in 2012 when he was taken by friends to a local abortion clinic to see “the atrocity taking place in our city,” he said. “When I heard the tragic truth of abortion, I was shocked and sad to see so few actively doing anything about it.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press; Biblical Recorder, Dianna L. Cagle