Palestinian Christian Woman Explains How Her View of God Changed After She Converted from Islam and Why She Wanted to Go to Hell as a Muslim

Palestinian Christians light candles during an Easter mass at the Saint Porfirios church in Gaza City April 8, 2012.

A Palestinian Christian woman has explained how her views on God changed when she converted from Islam, and why she wanted to go to Hell as a Muslim.

Nadia, the young woman identified in an Open Doors USA article last week, said that she has always wanted to live closer to God, including when she was a Muslim in her teenage years.

Her family was not very religious, however, and so in her quest for faith she became involved with a friend of hers who started living as a fundamentalist Muslim.

“My friend was very positive about it,” she recalled.

“I always had my doubts; I never liked the idea of women having to cover themselves while the men are allowed to have four wives. But it seemed to work for her, so I decided to try it. I began reading the Quran, mainly focusing on the position of women.”

When she read the portions of the Islamic holy book that talk about husbands being given authority to beat their wives, however, she became very angry, and decided she wanted nothing to do with God if that is how women are to be treated.

“This whole experience just left me angry at God,” Nadia said. “I shouted at Him: ‘All the people I know want to go to Heaven. But if this is really your story, I’d rather go to Hell.’ I wanted so much more from God than what I read about him in the Quran.”

Months after giving up on religion, however, she overheard two Christian colleagues at her workplace talking about God’s love. They started showing her Bible verses about God’s love, which she began embracing despite initially concluding based on the Quran that God must be awful.

Still, she was reluctant to become a Christian, knowing full well that it could cost her her family, friends, and even her life.

Some time later when she was swimming with friends, she was caught by a strong current, and started to drown.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov