Dr. John W Bosan: Our Church Was Sinking…And Then, Against All Odds, It Started to Thrive

I’d been a pastor for several years before I received the revelation of effective congregational care. It hit me like a ton of bricks and soon became a revolution that changed my life and ministry forever. I often said, I wish I had known congregational care principles when I started off in the ministry.

This eye-opening experience came to me shortly after I had become the lead pastor of a church facing incredible challenges. They had gone through a sudden valley of grief and pain, heading for a split, with unbelievable tension and strife. The Sunday morning attendance had dwindled from almost a thousand to less than four hundred, and people were still leaving.

It seemed as though people were finding themselves in gridlock and nobody was willing to surrender, which consequently caused unreal stress and strain. Not only did God graciously help me to bring restoration to the church but also gave me divine wisdom to deliver a solution to the apparent problem. What once was defeat, became one of the most significant victories you could ever imagine.

Deep down in my heart, I knew that real ministry is about people, and if we miss connecting with them, we could lose the God-given momentum. It was at this crucial moment that we discovered the powerful concept of people caring for people.

Many churches today still believe that they provide adequate pastoral care to their congregation. Looking at it a little closer, we will discover that they are not, in reality, providing pastoral care, but only crisis care. This perspective means that people usually have to face a crisis before they receive attention, but once the crisis is over, so is the care. That’s not the way to connect people and is most probably not the way to care for the flock God has entrusted to us.

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Source: Church Leaders