Facebook Blocks Christian ‘Activist Mommy’ for Hate Speech But Claims It Was a ‘Mistake’

Facebook again blocked a Christian vlogger known as the Activist Mommy for “hate speech” this week but now says its actions were a “mistake.”

Elizabeth Johnston, an outspoken Christian mom who frequently opines on touchy social issues and has approximately 600,000 Facebook followers, was barred from accessing her public figure page Wednesday.

Johnston believes it’s further evidence of Silicon Valley’s hostility toward certain voices.

She explained in an email to The Christian Post Thursday that when she tried to post something the day before she was disallowed from doing so and Facebook took her through a process of clicking through warnings accusing her of “hate speech,” which she screen shot and sent to CP.

“They didn’t provide any evidence of what post or comment I made that they deemed to be hate speech,” Johnston explained.

“They only said I had committed hate speech and therefore couldn’t post, like, or respond to people through FB Messenger for three days. The screens prompted me to either accept their decision or ask them to review it. Of course, I asked them to review it, but users typically don’t hear back from that automated system again when they attempt to appeal Facebook’s decision.”

Johnston decided to cash in on a privilege many Facebook users do not have: two contacts at Facebook. She emailed them to ask them to research why she was barred from posting. Johnston received a response the following day telling her that one of her posts was mistakenly flagged and deleted; the post was summarily returned to her page.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter