Denzel Washington’s Son John David Slams Reporter for Dismissing His Mother Pauletta’s Glittering Career in Favour of Discussing Oscar-Winner Father

He’s the son of Oscar-winner Denzel Washington, 63, and actress Pauletta, 67.

And their son John David Washington made sure a reporter knew exactly who both of his parents were during a powerful interview with the Today show last week.

Speaking on his latest film BlacKkKlansman, John David, 34, perfectly shut down Today’s Craig Melvin after he asked him about being raised in showbusiness by his famous father, but interjected when his equally-talented mother was dismissed.

When asked by Craig about getting started in the film industry ‘being the son of Denzel Washington’, John David quickly interrupted before the reporter could finish.

Unimpressed by the dismissal of his mother, the actor responded: ‘And Pauletta Washington’, to which Craig thanked him for reminding him.

Before the interview continued, John David turned the attention onto this lesser-known parent, who previously worked on the soundtrack for Philadelphia and was featured in Spike Lee’s Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It.

Speaking of his inspirational mother, John David interjected: ‘[She] was earning more money than he was before they got married. She was on Broadway working and she paid for the first date, paid the bill, paid for the cab ride…

Keeping cool throughout the impassioned speech, the Ballers star continued: ‘She’s a classically-trained pianist, went to Julliard. She’s a great artist in her own right and I learned a lot from her.

‘My father taught me how to hunt, my mother taught me how to love.’

John David’s father Denzel has been married to Pauletta for more than 35 years and proved that some relationships in Hollywood are capable of lasting.

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Source: Daily Mail