COGIC Bishop, Talbert Swan, Says Evangelicals Who ‘Remix the Bible’ to Make Excuses for Trump Will ‘Join him in Hell’

Bishop Talbert Swan
Bishop Talbert Swan

Bishop Talbert Swan, a Church of God in Christ prelate and pastor of Spring of Hope COGIC in Springfield, Mass, reacted on Thursday to the news that a six-year-old African-American boy had been turned away from a private Christian school in Apopka, FL, with the following message on Twitter.

Something is wrong in America when a 6 yr old black boy is determined not to “uphold Christian standards” because he has dreds but the white supremacist POTUS who has sex with porn stars and calls black women dogs is determined by evangelicals to be “God’s anointed.”

He followed up on Friday, sharpening his criticism of some conservative Christians who have been vocal in their defense of President Trump.

Not only do evangelicals cling to the ridiculously blasphemous notion that Trump is “God’s anointed,” they remix the Bible daily to defend, excuse and make light of his consistently unChristian behavior and rhetoric. They’ll join him in hell.

He later added:

Here is the “acceptable length” for hair in accordance with “Christian standards” as depicted by A Book’s Christian Academy in Apopka, FL.

Top pic is of the 6 yr old black boy they barred because he wore dreds. Bottom pic is example of what’s “accepted.”

We see you. It’s clear.

He included the following picture with his tweet:

Many are viewing the story of Clinton Stanley Jr.’s rejection at A Book’s Christian Academy through a racial lens. However, Rev. John Book, the director of the school, told NBC-2 WESH that his student body is “probably 95% black.” He added, “Obviously, I’m not a racist.”

–Joshua James