Thousands to Take a Stand for the Bible at Greg Laurie’s SoCal Harvest Crusade After Billboard Controversy

California evangelist Greg Laurie will host his 29th annual Southern California Harvest crusade this weekend but will do so with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

As upwards of 100,000 people from across California will travel to Angel Stadium in Anaheim for three nights of entertainment, worship and sermons, the 65-year-old Laurie is asking attendees to bring Bibles with them so that they can take a moment each night to hold the Scripture in the air and declare that they are not ashamed of the Word of God.

Although the SoCal Harvest has been a staple event of the megachurch pastor’s crusade ministry for nearly three decades, this year’s Harvest comes about a week after billboards advertising the event were taken down at two local shopping malls because they featured Laurie holding up a Bible in his hands.

“So I had not planned on giving a message on the Bible Friday night but decided I would because some people are offended by the very sight of it,” Laurie, who generally doesn’t disclose the topics of his Harvest sermons beforehand, said in an interview with The Christian Post. “My message Friday night is going to be about the power of the Bible.”

Although people have asked Laurie if he plans to launch a boycott or protest at the malls where the Harvest billboards were taken down, Laurie said that he will respond with the two “secret weapons” of the Church — prayer and preaching.

Not only will his message be tailored toward the importance of the Bible, but he will also be calling on those who attend to take their own stand in support of Christianity’s holy text.

“Let’s get together for three nights and make a stand for Jesus Christ. The press is there. People are watching. It is hard to ignore 100,000 Christians worshiping God, bringing friends to hear the Gospel and holding their Bibles up. In fact, we have asked everyone to bring a Bible all three nights of the crusade,” said the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside who founded Harvest Crusades in 1990.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith