‘No Matter the Circumstances, I Must be Punished’: Jack Phillips Addresses Colorado’s New Lawsuit Against His Christian Beliefs

“No matter the circumstances, I must be punished,” a Colorado Christian baker wrote about his state’s latest effort to force him to express messages in opposition to his religion through his art.

Colorado baker Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop recently penned a column discussing the latest lawsuit filed on his behalf in response to the state’s Civil Rights Commission ruling that he must make a cake that goes against his religious beliefs.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of Phillips, arguing that the Christian baker had been mistreated by Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission due to his sincerely-held religious beliefs.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, the legal group that successfully argued Phillips’ case before the high court, filed a lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of the baker over a new complaint put against him for refusing to make a cake celebrating a gender transition.

In an opinion piece published Thursday by USA Today, Phillips said that he was being “targeted again” for his religious beliefs, noting his shock that the Commission took on the complaint mere weeks after the Supreme Court ruled in his favor.

“The state did this even though it allows others — like the three bakers who were asked for cakes criticizing same-sex marriage — to decline requests for cakes expressing messages that they don’t communicate for anyone. The government is clearly treating me worse than others,” wrote Phillips.

Phillips argued that the “state is contradicting what it told the Supreme Court in my prior case,” explaining that the government said he was free “to decline to sell cakes with ‘pro-gay’ designs or inscriptions.”

“Yet the cake requested in the new case obviously had a pro-LGBT design. The person who requested it even recognized that the design was intended to represent and celebrate a gender transition,” continued Phillips.

“The inconsistency between what the state told the Supreme Court and what it is doing to me now shows the government’s real policy: No matter the circumstances, I must be punished.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski