Michigan Pastor Apologizes to Breastfeeding Mother Who Was Told to Cover Up to Prevent ‘Lustfulness’ in Men

A Michigan church pastor has apologized to a mother who was told to cover up for breastfeeding her child in order to prevent “lustfulness” in men.

Ben Walls Sr., lead pastor of the Naz Church in Brighton, told Livingston Daily last week that he has now apologized to 29-year-old Amy Marhant, the mother who was told to cover up by a church leader in mid-June.

“Of all the places, it is most hurtful when it comes from your own church, that you are going to cause guys to lust after you,” Marchant said about her experience.

“I was told it was immodest, that it was not shaming, that (breastfeeding) can cause men to lust and stumble,” she added. “They said as long as they provided places for women to nurse, they didn’t have to allow them to nurse anywhere.”

The pastor argued that the church has three different spaces set aside for “those who want a private space, including a lounge outside the restroom and two other rooms in a children’s area.

“That is what we want to say — we have nothing against breastfeeding and we are in favor,” the pastor stated.

“It’s very hard because we understand that she was very hurt and we apologize to her. We’re very sorry for the embarrassment and hurt caused when she was asked to cover or use one of those rooms. We apologize for her hurt and embarrassment; that wasn’t the intention.”

Marchant explained that she was waiting to pick up her four-year-old twins when she sat down on a bench and decided to nurse her 1-year-old daughter, who was getting fussy.

While nothing happened at the church itself, she later received a private Facebook message from a woman who was a church leader, but wasn’t named.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov