Judge Rules Kofi Martin Danso, Self-Proclaimed Prophet and Business Partner of Brian Carn, Cannot Conceal Identity in Paternity Lawsuit With Former Congregant

Kofi Martin Danso, founder of Miracle Arena for All Nations, operates 17 churches including chapters in Toronto, Canada.

A Superior Court judge in Canada has ruled that Kofi Martin Danso, a self-styled prophet and leader of the multi-campus Miracle for All Nations church, cannot conceal his identity in a paternity lawsuit simply because he may suffer damage to his reputation and finances.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Fred Myers dismissed a request by Danso Tuesday to extend a publication ban and sealing order on a court file alleging he fathered a child with former congregant Chris-Ann Bartley, The Star said.

In addition to claims that he wanted the case private because “the matter concerns the paternity of a child which is disputed,” Danso argued to the court that making the case public threatened his “significant commercial/financial interests.” A ban on publication is typically used to protect the identities of children in family court matters.

In his request to keep the details of the lawsuit secret, Danso said that Theodora Oprea, Bartley’s attorney, told The Star that a DNA test had confirmed he is the father of Bartley’s now 6-month-old son.

Danso claims he has never been intimate with Bartley but Oprea said he is not being truthful.

The self-proclaimed prophet who is married to Rev. JoAnne Danso and has four daughters with her, says he was called by God to be an apostle and prophet “to raise champions and leaders in the 21st century church.”

Also known by his followers purportedly in the millions as “Papa” Danso describes himself as a businessman with TV and radio programs across Canada.

In 2016, Danso falsely told his followers that God had blessed him to own a private jet with pictures to prove his claim.

Last month, the Nashville-based Business Aircraft Leasing revealed in a lawsuit against Danso and another controversial self-proclaimed prophet based in Florida, Brian Carn, that the pair leased the jet for three years in 2015.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair