There’s a Devil Loose: Remains of Three Women Who Vanished in 2006 Found by Construction Workers in a Shallow Grave in Washington DC

The remains of three women who all went missing in 2006 have been discovered in a Washington DC neighborhood, with one body stuffed into an apartment crawl space, and the other two in a shallow grave.

Jewel King, 48, Verdell Jefferson, 41, and Dorothy Botts, 43, were all discovered around 111 and 113 Wayne Place in the Congress Heights neighborhood in April this year.

A construction crew discovered the first body in a crawl space of an apartment building at 113 on April 25 and the authorities found the other remains in a shallow grave behind the adjacent building a few days later.

They have only recently been able to identify them because of the decomposition of the bodies.

Investigators used DNA to identify the three victims.

They were able to identify the remains as belonging to women from 30 to 45 years old and police cross-references those with missing-persons reports on women in that age range.

After contacting eight potential families and collecting DNA, they were able to identify the three women.

King and Botts, who disappeared in April 2006 and on Christmas Day of that year, respectively, appear to have died from gunshot wounds, Fox News reports.

Jefferson, who went missing in August 2006, is believed to have been killed by blunt force trauma.

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Source: Daily Mail