Wycliffe Undertakes Major Bible Translation Project in the Middle East

Bible translators are undertaking a major project in the Middle East to make sure all language groups in that region have access to the Bible.

Wycliffe Associates has identified 33 groups in the Middle East that do not have God’s Word translated in their own language.

Brent Ropp, vice president of operations, says their strategy is to find local church leaders and then give them the tools and resources to assist in the translation process. He says one of the difficulties in Bible translation in the Middle East is persecution since Muslim governments and their religious leaders exercise control.

“And in many of those locations,” he warns, “even though that’s where Scripture was first introduced and early missionary movements occurred in those locations, it’s been centuries now of domination by Islam. And they have done a very thorough job of trying to eradicate Christianity from many of those locations.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bill Bumpas