Daughters of Daniel Whyte III Doing it Big for the Glory of God Around the World

Daniella Whyte and Danita Whyte, the oldest daughters of evangelist and national bestselling author Daniel Whyte III, are traveling around the world sharing the Gospel and doing ministry as they were taught and encouraged to do for many years by their father through his ministry, Gospel Light Society International, as children.

Danita Whyte just returned from her second mission trip to the Dominican Republic. By the grace of God, she is fulfilling the desire she shared with her father as a child, and that is, that she wanted to follow in his footsteps and share the Gospel as a missionary around the world while she was young just like her father did. She also traveled to Mexico with her sister.

Daniella Whyte just returned from India. While the occasion of her trip was for business, she has been taught, trained, and encouraged by her father to share the Gospel wherever she goes.

Please pray for the success of their ministry and for safe travels wherever they go next.