Kirk Franklin Calls Out ‘Hypocritical’ Christians for Condemning Believers Who Make Mistakes

Grammy-winning Gospel composer, Kirk Franklin, says he thinks fellow Christians should show more compassion to their weak and faltering brothers and sisters in Christ.

Recently, the “I Smile” songwriter took to Twitter to call out what he perceives as “hypocritical” behavior on the part of fellow believers that harshly judge, criticize and shun those that have made mistakes.

The 48-year-old highlighted the fact that there are “so many men and women in the Bible that we are inspired by, quote, and use as examples, that were also imperfect, flawed, sinful, inconsistent and just plain old human.”

In light of this, Franklin said, “I stay amazed at our lack of compassion, tolerance, and patience with each other when our humanity shows its blemishes as well.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine, AJ Smith