Ella Breedlove On Whatever Happened to Black Chyna’s Big Behind and the Tragedy of Fake Women — Even in the Church

I am an old sister from the old school and the old landmark church. I knew all along Blac Chyna had stuffed something in her behind parts. Now, it has been deflated. Have mercy! The devil is a lie!

I have tried to tell the young, fast women around here, yes, when we were teenagers we would stuff tissue in our brassieres to pump it up a little to catch a young man’s eyes; but it never came to our minds to pump up our behinds, nor could we. Besides that, being well-fed country black young women, we had that area covered naturally. Our mothers used to secretly tell us that a pert behind was our ticket to getting down the aisle on the arms of a tall, dark, handsome man. So we never thought about pumping some silicone or wet cement or whatever these fast girls are using these days in our behinds. Back in the day, the white girls were the ones who had what they call flat butts—not us.

Recently someone took a picture of the famous Blac Chyna and noticed her much talked about posterior was cut in half. Over half of it is gone! Here is the picture.

According to Mail Online:

Blac Chyna looked less curvaceous than usual as she stepped out in LA on Thursday.

The 30-year-old mother-of-two was spotted leaving Saks Fifth Avenue in leggings and a white T-shirt.

Her behind looked smaller than it did in images taken just last month, prompting speculation she had butt implants removed.

Although there has been no word from Blac Chyna regarding any recent surgeries, her ex Rob Kardashian expounded on his part in procuring a ‘post-baby body’ for the mother of his daughter Dream last year.

The KUWTK star posted a video of Chyna going into the operating theater and he wrote that he paid $100,000 for her to ‘get everything fixed’.

I believe the devil blinds the minds of young people today, and leads them to do things without thinking about the long-term consequences that they will have to pay for years to come. I tell young women all the time, what you get that man with is what you will have to keep him with.

–Ella Breedlove