The 10 Best Deals On Amazon Right Now

The TPLink Wifi Smart Plug
The TPLink Wifi Smart Plug

It’s Friday at last. And if you’re trying to look busy at work without really doing anything, you might as well do some online window shopping, right? Well to help you get maximize your free time before your one-on-one with your boss, I found the 10 best deals on Amazon for you to check out. There are also a few other impressive sales happening this weekend at eBay, L.L.Bean, and Massdrop. And Dermstore is holding their annual anniversary sale with crazy discounts on makeup too. Tell your wallet I’m not sorry.

1. Under $20: A 2-pack of string lights for ambiance

String lights add ambiance to any room, from nurseries to dens to porches, and these are among the most popular. I have three sets in my apartment, and I love that I can control them from tiny remotes. You can adjust the brightness and try out flashing and pulsing lights at different speeds, and the remotes make it so easy to click them on and off. We got our hands on an exclusive code that will get you the lowest price we’ve ever seen. Just enter the code “REVIEWED038” at checkout to take 20% off the regular cost.

Get the TaoTronics LED String Lights, 2-Pack for $19.19 (Save $4.80) with the code “REVIEWED038”

2. Under $150: One of the best affordable strollers

Looking for a good baby shower gift or just getting ready to welcome a new little human into your family? A stroller is key for keeping baby happy and safe when you go out and explore the world. This is our top choice for strollers under $200, and the 27% discount marks the lowest price we’ve ever seen. We love its large storage space and the included cup holder for the parent and tray for the baby, but its canopy isn’t ideal for the rain and it only works with two kinds of car seats (the Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 2).

Get the Chicco Viaro Baby Stroller for $146.96 (Save $53)

3. Under $20: One of the best smart plugs at its lowest price ever

Smart plugs can turn most any electronics into smart devices. Being able to toggle the power for things like coffee makers, lights, and curling irons (hint hint) from your phone can be seriously convenient. You can also set schedules, which is great for vacations and morning routines. TP-Link’s Kasa plugs are among our favorites, as they offer great performance at a fantastic price. This model even monitors your energy usage.

I personally own four of them and love being able to control them all from one app. They also work with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use voice commands if you’ve got a smart assistant. This discount marks the lowest price we’ve ever seen, nearly half the original price (which was still not bad), so if you’ve ever even considered trying a smart plug, this is the ideal time to take the plunge.

Get the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring for $15.99 (Save 45%)

4. Under $10: The best dual-port USB car charger at its lowest price

If you’re taking a family road trip before school is back in session, it’s good to be prepared for anything. You don’t want to end up with a dead phone battery, no navigation, and no way to call someone for help. This car charger from RAVPower is the best one we’ve ever tested because it’s super low-profile and charges a phone in less than two hours. Right now, you can get it for the lowest price we’ve ever seen with an exclusive coupon code. Just enter “REVIEWED031” at checkout to save 24%.

Get the RAVPower Mini Dual USB Car Charger for $6.49 (Save $2) with the code “REVIEWED031”

5. Under $100: A portable burner to add more cooking room

Whether your stove is too small to use every burner at the same time, you need more surface area to cook things, or you want to make Buzzfeed Tasty and Delish-style cooking videos, this Deal of the Day is for you. This cooktop can reach temperatures up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, has fast boil and keep warm settings, and an automatic shut-off. It usually sells for $100, and this 25% discount marks the biggest price drop we’ve ever seen.

Not sure if your stainless pots and pans are induction-safe? Grab a magnet off your fridge and touch it to the bottom—if it’s magnetic, you’re good to go. And all cast iron is safe too.

Get the Duxtop LCD 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop for $74.99 (Save $25)

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SOURCE:  Samantha Gordon