Yellowstone National Park Has Been Hit by 153 Earthquakes in July

The University of Utah Seismograph Station, which is responsible for the operation and analysis of the  Seismic Network, revealed 153 earthquakes hit the Yellowstone National Park region in July.

According to the  Geological Survey (USGS), the largest quake had a magnitude of 2.5 and was part of a small sequence of 12 earthquakes.

A larger sequence of 77 earthquakes occurred 14 miles south-southwest of Mammoth in Wyoming during the time period between July 16 and 27.

The largest earthquake was a micro earthquake of magnitude 2.3 which struck on July 24 at 8:40pm.

Larger earth sequences like these are fairly common and they account for roughly half of the total seismic activity in the Yellowstone National Park.

The USGS also revealed that steamboat geysers remained active in July, with eruptions on July 6 and 20.

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Source: Express