White Groom Leaves Beautiful Bride and Wedding Party to Rush and Save an 18-Year-Old Black Man… Alright, Media People, Run and Tell That

There is so much negative talk about race relations in this country, especially about how white people are killing blacks or harassing blacks. In most cases, this coverage is justified, but it is refreshing when we hear about people, be they black or white, stepping up and doing something heroic to help someone regardless of race. Such is the case with hero-groom Zac Edwards.

According to the Daily Mail:

A hero groom interrupted his wedding in order to dive into the ocean and rescue a drowning teenager.

Coast Guard petty officer Zac Edwards, 37, was posing for photos with his bride Cindy Edwards, 32, when a woman screamed out after spotting 18-year-old Jamel Robinson struggling in the water.

Okay, media people, let’s hear it because, if Zac Edwards had gone out there and finished drowning the young black man, it would be all over the news for a week. Come on, media people!

–Luke Jeremiah