The Public Religion Research Institute Says Support for Christians Refusing to Provide Services for Same-Sex Weddings is Going Up Among Black Christians

You would think that most black Christians would be overwhelmingly against other Christians, be they black or white, if they refused to go against their religious convictions by not participating in a homosexual wedding. Because of Obama’s demonic influence on the black church and the compromise of many leading black pastors, many black parishioners are, to say the least, confused, and some are conflicted because of how faith and religion were used against them throughout American history. Be that as it may, according to statistics, black Christians are starting to go back to the old landmarks. Here is what PRRI said about it:

Nearly half of black Americans (45%) now support the religious freedom of business owners to refuse service to gay couples—a “significant change” from the 36 percent who expressed support in 2017.

-Public Religion Research Institute

Black Christians cannot let the evil of the past from white Christians cause us to do evil in the present. Regardless of what happened in the past, the black church must stand up for biblical truth. As a people and as a church, traditionally, we don’t roll like that. We don’t roll like that in Africa nor do we roll like that in America, and we don’t need to start now.

–Luke Jeremiah