Walmart Cashier Shows Patience and Kindness After Nail Salon Refuses Woman With Cerebral Palsy

A cashier at a Michigan Walmart showed a simple, but beautiful, act of patience and kindness when a nail salon turned down a woman because she has cerebral palsy.

Angela Peters went shopping at her local Walmart in Burton, Michigan, as she usually does. That day, however, she decided she would get her nails done at the in-store salon. “When I went in there they denied me because they said I moved too much,” Peters told WNEM.

Ebony Harris, a cashier at Walmart who often talks to Peters when she comes to the store, saw the exchange and decided to use her break to give Peters a manicure. The two women picked out blue nail polish and sat inside Subway where Harris gave Peters her manicure.

Harris said, “And you know, she moved her hands a little bit and she kept saying she was sorry. And, I told her don’t say that. I said you’re fine.” She continued, “We’re not trying to bash the nail salon. We’re not trying to make them lose customers, make them look bad, but maybe spread awareness that no matter the person, who they are, what color they are, disability, whatever, they’re people too. She’s a girly girl. She’s just like you, me … my daughter, anybody. She wants to look pretty, you know, and so why can’t she?”

“I thought that was so nice of her and I already felt comfortable with her because, like I said, I shop at Walmart a lot,” Peters said. “I’m like wow. These are amazing!” she said of the manicure.

Harris added, “I told her she’s a blessing to us, to anybody, not just me. She makes me look at life and appreciate it much more than, you know, what I have been.”

The two plan to remain friends and have already scheduled a dinner at Peters’ favorite restaurant.

— Blair Halliday