Vernon Brewer: Refugees Don’t Get Downtime in the Summer

For you and me, the word “summer” probably brings images of family vacations at the beach or the lake house to mind. But for refugees like Omar, summer is one of the most dangerous times of the year. In fact, as Omar described the food crisis his family has been suffering through since ISIS took over their home in Mosul, Iraq, he couldn’t hold back his tears.

“You will not believe this,” he said. “My weight was 80 kilograms (176 pounds) before the war with ISIS. Now I am just 45 kilograms (99 pounds).

“We had one loaf of bread to live on for 20 days.”

I’ve changed Omar’s name to protect him. He’s already been through so much, like so many of his family members, friends, and fellow citizens who have fled war and terror.

The food is gone. Acres and acres of farmland have been destroyed. Markets are reduced to rubble. Can you believe his family had just one loaf of bread for 20 days? And Omar isn’t alone.

Nothing to eat — that’s the number one problem refugees around the world are facing this summer. Entire families are starving, and it’s not just happening in Iraq. In places like South Sudan and Syria, war has caused a widespread food crisis, putting millions of people at risk of starvation.

As if this isn’t enough, refugees also endure the blistering desert heat with little to no shelter. You know how exhausting it can be to spend all day out in the sun. Imagine sitting in the summer heat after you haven’t eaten more than a few scraps of bread in days. It’s agony!

It breaks my heart to see refugees like Omar suffer in this cruel way. Watching their children cry from hunger pains and heat exhaustion could be what steals their last hope.

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Source: Christian Post