Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing Working With Lesbian President of Teachers Union to Help With Relief in Puerto Rico

Televangelist Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing humanitarian organization has been working with the president of a progressive union to help with relief in Puerto Rico.

“We may be strange bedfellows, but it’s rare that people can just park whatever their political persuasions and ideology may be and try to help people in trouble, and that’s what happened here,” said Bill Horan, the recently retired president of Operation Blessing, in a Tuesday article by Rebecca Ruiz, a features writer at Mashable covering gender, sexuality and equality.

Horan was speaking of his cooperation with Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, who, Ruiz pointed out, “happens to be a lesbian married to a rabbi.”

“If you meet people where they are, and if you work on a values proposition — that in America we care about families and we care about their health and safety — then you can work with all sorts of strange bedfellows,” Weingarten said on her part.

“It starts creating trust and lessening the divisiveness in this country.”

The two groups joined forces in the wake of Hurricane Maria last year, which devastated Puerto Rico and the surrounding region.

Operation Blessing, which was founded by CBN chairman Robertson in 1978, had been supplying residents with water filters, alongside other necessities, since power failures had stopped water treatment plants from operating.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz introduced Horan to Weingarten, who was on the ground looking for ways to reopen schools that had been closed due to the damage by the hurricane.

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Source: Christian Post