Harvard Sorority Decides to Close Amid the University’s Sanctions Against Single-Gender Student Groups

A sorority at Harvard University has decided to close rather than admit men who claim to be women into their group amid the university’s sanctions against single-gender social organizations.

In May, Zeta Phi-Cambridge — the Delta Gamma chapter at Harvard — voted to relinquish their charter and thereby shut down, Campus Reform reported Monday.

Sanctions from the university came about in December 2017 when new rules were adopted which established that members of single-sex organizations like Zeta Phi were not allowed to hold leadership posts in officially recognized student organizations or be captains of sports teams. The new rules also said that students who are members of those groups will not be eligible for letters of recommendation and endorsements for academic opportunities such as the Rhodes and Marshall scholarships. Single sex spaces are now regarded as “discriminatory.”

“[T]he discriminatory membership policies of these organizations have led to the perpetuation of spaces that are rife with power imbalances,” Rakesh Khurana, the college dean, wrote in support of the policy in 2016.

“The most entrenched of these spaces send an unambiguous message that they are the exclusive preserves of men,” he further argued. “In their recruitment practices and through their extensive resources and access to networks of power, these organizations propagate exclusionary values that undermine those of the larger Harvard College community.”

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Source: Christian Post