ERLC Leader Dan Darling Says Even if Abortion Is Banned Nationwide, Pro-Life Movement’s Work Has Only Just Begun

A prominent member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission has stated that should abortion be banned nationwide, the pro-life movement must focus on becoming a “human dignity movement.”

Dan Darling, vice president for communications at ERLC, had a column published Tuesday by USA Today in which he argued that pro-life groups should be advocates for all vulnerable humans.

“For the strength of the pro-life argument is not that it has opposed the grisly practice of abortion, but that it made arguments, in the public square, of the humanity of those who possess the least amount of power,” wrote Darling.

“The pro-life movement has the moral vocabulary an unjust world needs, but we must not merely see ourselves as an anti-abortion movement, though we are that. We must see ourselves as a human dignity movement, committed to the idea that every human being has intrinsic value.”

While acknowledging that “nobody can be an activist for every single cause,” Darling stated that he would like to see “movements who fight for one set of vulnerable people at least [express] solidarity with movements who claim to fight for another set of vulnerable people.”

“And what if we resisted the temptation to pit one set of vulnerable humans against another, as if human dignity is a zero-sum game?” Darling asked.

“… if we re-imagine ourselves as a movement for dignity, the pro-life movement will not merely have a legacy of persistently, courageously, and eloquently arguing on behalf of the unborn but as the people who opposed assaults on humanity, wherever it is found.”

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Source: Christian Post