Wow: Christian Spoken Word Artist Jackie Hill Perry Publicly Calls Out Women for Going After her Husband at Church Events

Jackie Hill Perry and her husband Preston
Jackie Hill Perry and her husband Preston

Christian writer and spoken word artist Jackie Hill Perry is fed up with Christian sisters going after her husband at church events where they both minister. And this past Sunday, she had time to deal with it. 

She posted the following message on her Facebook page:

Sunday Morning PSA:

As long as me and Preston have been married, we’ve had to deal with the occasional disrespect from women who, with no regard for him being a married man, will do inappropriate things towards him (and most of this has happened AFTER — right after — events we’ve had together btw). The crazy thing is, some of these women follow both of us.

So with that said, if you see my husband after a show, and feel it in your spirit to do the most, that ain’t the spirit of God. It’s the devil. And do you know what Jesus said is better than tempting someone? He said putting a millstone around your neck and getting into the sea would be a better option. Or to be said plainly, drowning yourself would be better than tempting another.

Sooo, feel free to screenshot this and show it to your roommates on your way to church.


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While the passage Perry quoted refers specifically to someone harming or discouraging the faith of a child, she definitely made her feelings on the matter clear. And, understandably, her post generated quite a bit of commentary.

One person remarked, “Lustful creatures and Jezebels exist, but a Godly woman remains calm with faith in the Lord. We need to check our hearts and have faith God will handle it.”

Another woman said the issue of flirtation in the church is widespread, writing, “From one who has children you guy’s age [or maybe even older], I can say that the display of disregard in crossing those boundaries, has no age limit. I’ve witnessed older men and women flirt with another’s spouse without batting an eye. But as you so eloquently put it – there are consequences when you violate, and/or attempt to distract the children of God who’s out doing the work of the kingdom. It’s a dangerous area to play with. King David himself learned that you cannot escape God’s judgement when venturing into forbidden territory. Whoever these females are, I pray the spirit of conviction will transform their hearts, before God’s judgement hit them.”

Another person felt led to offer some encouragement: “That’s right, let em know sis. My mom always says I’ll knock you out in Jesus’ name.”

–Joshua James