Here We Go: Crossfit, Which has Been Embraced by Thousands of Christians, Changes Their Policy to Allow “Transgender” People to Compete According to Whatever They Say Their Gender Is

The devil is a lie! At one point, Crossfit was very firm on their position that people should only compete based upon how they were born at birth. But this only happened after the following:

A Christian-owned Crossfit gym in Indiana was shut down after a big problem came about over its good and godly decision to cancel an event supporting the homosexual community.

After that, Russell Berger, the spokesman for Crossfit, expressed his support for this good decision, and was fired for that reason. Berger said he believes celebrating homosexual pride “is a sin.” He also rightly said the intolerance of the homosexual community toward different views (heterosexual) is “mind-blowing.”

We predict Crossfit will eventually lose over fifty percent of their members because of this.

Bye, Bye, Crossfit!

–Luke Jeremiah