Assistant High School Football Coach Punished for Praying On Field After Games Appeals to U.S. Supreme Court

An assistant football coach punished for praying after games is asking the nation’s highest court to hear his First Amendment case.

First Liberty Institute filed a lawsuit on behalf of Joe Kennedy in 2015 after he was suspended, then fired, by the Bremerton School District for kneeling and praying after football games.

A federal district court dismissed the lawsuit and an appeal was turned down by a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit. A review by the full court was refused.

Kennedy’s case rallied the public to his side because he claims he did not lead a team prayer, or join one as a coach, but a lengthy warning letter from the superintendent claimed he was doing so and was violating school policy.

A response letter from First Liberty defended Kennedy’s right to prayer on the 50-yard line after ballgames, arguing that he did so privately and it was obvious to anyone watching that he allowed others to join him but did not lead the team in a prayer.

Today, First Liberty and law firm Kirkland & Ellis LLP are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Chris Woodward