Why We Need to Protect the Integrity of Our Elections

Voting is a fundamental constitutional right. Free and fair elections are vital to our republic. Voting is a right and a civic duty. Our Founding Fathers entrusted “We the People” to have a full voice in leading our country into the exciting future.

Every properly registered voter has the right to an undiluted vote. If someone else votes more than once…if a non-citizen votes…that dilutes your precious vote and undermines the integrity of our elections.

For eight years as Ohio’s Secretary of State, I protected our elections. I witnessed it firsthand, over and over again; elections are vulnerable to fraud. I could write a catalog of ways people try to “game the system” or overzealous political operatives try to gain an edge and rig an election. Safeguarding our ballot boxes is the most important thing a Secretary of State can do because the assaults through voter intimidation, voter registration fraud and outright interference are legendary. Trust me. I know. Free and fair elections are not on their priority list.

In my home state of Ohio, we require some form of ID for voters, state ID Drivers License, Utility Bill, etc. Republicans are for it. Democrats are against it. Republicans say that voting is not effortless and presenting a photo ID is a very small price to pay for safeguarding our elections. Democrats make the spurious claim that it is tantamount to voter suppression.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are attacking on a separate front. They see a down ballot race as a golden opportunity. They are making an all-out effort to win Secretary of State races across the country and they have made Ohio their #1 target for a very good reason. Capturing this office is vital to the success of their masterplan of electing a Democrat as America’s 46th President. No Republican has won the presidency without winning Ohio. Ohio is a critical swing state. Ohio has voted for the winner in presidential races in twenty-eight out of the last thirty elections. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ken Blackwell