Daniel Whyte III: Why “The Torch”?

Published in the premiere edition of The Torch in October/November 1988.

With the myriad of periodicals before us, today, and the much reading that we already have to do, you may ask the question, Why another magazine? Or, why the Torch?

Well, we have been led to initiate The Torch magazine for several reasons:

One, we felt the need of forming a periodical that would proclaim a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the black population and whosoever will.

Two, we felt that there needed to be formed a magazine that would stand for and propagate biblical truth in the black community.

Three, we hope that through this magazine, we can help to exhort and encourage Bible-believing Christians to greater evangelistic activities.

Four, we felt that the black community needed a publication that would yield help, hope, and encouragement as we live in the darkest hour in the annals of mankind.

1. To Shine Forth the Gospel in the Black Community

Young David asked a rather engaging question in I Samuel chapter 17: “IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?” If we as black folks had that question put to us, today, we would have to answer with a resounding, yes! Dear friend, there is an urgent need for a clear, unadulterated presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the black community. You may ask, how can you make such a statement when there is a church on every corner in the black community of America, and when people are filling those churches  to the brim every Lord’s Day? Well, I must answer that with what Paul said in Romans 10:2-3:

For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

To state it simply, many of us are religious but lost. There are various and sundry reasons that we can give as to how we have arrived at this spiritual station, but merely discussing how we got into this spiritual predicament  will not get us out of this spiritual predicament. If two men were to fall into a pit, I doubt if they would waste time and energy discussing how they fell into the pit, but rather, they would quickly  devise ways to get out of that undesirable state. Friend of mine, what we need is a solution, and, of course, the solution is the plain Gospel of Jesus Christ. We happen to feel that The Torch will help in disseminating that precious gift to the black population.

2. To Shine Forth Biblical Truth in the Black Community

We feel the main reason the black community is facing so many moral, social, and economic problems, today, is because for years biblical principles and precepts have not been taught and, therefore, not obeyed in the black community. And whenever a people break God’s Word, God’s Word eventually breaks them. In this magazine, we will endeavor to share biblical principles in such a way that will be instructive as well as entertaining, and by God’s grace, we hope to help in each area of your life. We intend to discuss such subjects as marriage, raising children, drugs, promiscuity, etc. We firmly believe that the Bible has the answer to any problem we face. If we would obey its teachings, we would certainly gain the victory.

3. To Shine Forth the Importance of Biblical Evangelism.

One of the aims of this publication is to encourage black and white Bible-believing Christians to evangelize the black community. At times we all need a little reminder or push to keep on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. We hope that in some small way this publication will be used to keep the torch of the Gospel lit in your soul that others may, by the grace of God, see the light.

4. To Shine Forth Help, Hope, and Encouragement in the Black Community

If you are anything like me, you are always grabbing for something that you think will help or encourage you in the way. These are dark and difficult days  in which providence has placed us. There is trouble on the left hand and trouble on the right hand. Almost everyday we face problems and discouragements, and in these days, yea, last days, we need all the help, hope, and encouragement we can obtain. One of the aims of this magazine is to help the weary pilgrim along the dusty road of life. It is our prayer that this magazine would be used in the hand of the Lord to encourage discouraged preachers, reclaim backsliders, and give hope to the hopeless.