WATCH: Now That’s Dog Love For You! Man Adopts 45 Dogs And Let’s Them Run Free On His Four Acres Of Land

It’s great that dog shelters exist, but a dog’s experience in one can still be pretty bad. They live in small spaces just waiting and hoping they’ll be adopted into a loving forever home. Due to overpopulation, many dogs end up spending large chunks of their lives in shelters. The staff does their best for the dog, but they don’t get to experience true freedom. There’s just no beating a real home.

That’s what makes this video so amazing. A man adopted 45 dogs… 45! He then let them roam free on his four-acre enclosed land to let them live their lives on their own terms.

“We live with 45 dogs and a Grey Wolf. A new 4-acre play enclosure had just been built for them and the video shows them first being let loose to play in it,” the owner said.

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