There’s a Devil Loose: Teen Rips Out Relative’s Eyes With Bare Hands

A Minnesota teen allegedly ripped out a relative’s eyes from the sockets with his bare hands in a grisly assault, according to officials.

Mahad Aziz, 18, is accused of completely gouging the 74-year-old man’s eyes, which have not been found since the Friday afternoon attack in Rochester, the Post Bulletin reported.

“You lose your eyes … there’s no replacement,” Rochester Police Captain John Sherwin told news station KTTC. “Obviously this is an injury that is going to change this man’s life.”

Officials said they arrived at the gruesome scene to find the victim missing most of his teeth and both eyes.

“You just don’t know until you get on scene. And for our officers, they are trained to expect the unexpected,” Sherwin said. “In this case, they certainly encountered a scene that you often don’t see.”

Authorities said they haven’t determined a motive for the assault. Aziz reportedly refused to answer questions at the scene.

“There are a lot of things that we don’t know,” Sherwin told the news station. “Mainly due to the circumstances of the assault.”

Aziz was brought to a local hospital for mental evaluation then was booked at Olmsted County Adult Detention Center.

The teen faces first-degree assault charges.

SOURCE: Jackie Salo 
New York Post